Deem to Redeem (People and Kidapawan Massacre)


Mercy and compassion are very known to Christians, Catholics, or any religion who live by the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is a known trait of a true believer of God and Jesus Christ. But how we actually redeem in this current society  flaunted with many evils that dressed itself as a believer and a good man.

Many would that this blog might discuss many religious stuff. Yeah, it will. I always believed that a true and firm believer of God should know to recognize the good and bad of world, more precisely the current society we live by. Faith and work are vital in having mercy and compassion to our fellowmen. However, we need to actually know enemy in our society.

The cross-dresser

These are not the LGBTQ(I have high respect on these people, and I love them a lot), I’m talking about the politicians, and other influences who dressed themselves good, nice, accompanied by the beautiful words of promise.

Who are these people?

Yes. They look good and clean, angelic as they were in the outside, and the words they are too beautiful to recognize that are actually deceiving the people. It is common during elections(especially in the Philippines) or in the yearly address of the President. We are blinded with false reports of growth and development while many of the citizen are hungry with no jobs, proper housing, and no access to the basic social services.

They dress their reports with colorful graphs of inflation and growths, and often discuss to the bourgeoisie, as they dress themselves with glitz and glamour.

The talker 

This is the most annoying trait of many evils of the society. These are people who talks about their accomplishments undermining the poor and the needy. They like to talk about their achievements, and often deny their mistakes and blame in to the people. Example is the Kidapawan massacre where the Governor blamed the people of the incidents, along with the Mayor of the City (he even said that only were his accountability since he just have few constituents join the rally of farmers for food), and the PNP Chief of the area. But, these are just cohorts of the real talker which Mar Roxas, who asked the hungry “who financed their demonstration?”. This is a huge manifestation of undermining the poor and needy’s capacity to think for themselves and have a decision.

The talker often have the reasons for his/her mistakes and try to escape the dilemma even proven guilty.

The ignorant

I intended to use “innocent” but its to nice and lowly as the sheep. These people don’t deserved to be compared with the lowly and meek sheep, they are too evil to be innocent.

The ignorant are people who denies that they know the issue even though its all over the news and social media.They hide for days to prevent any intrusion from harm of their prestige and honor. These people already have blood in their hands and treats people like a pawn to the enemy.

The best example would be the Noynoy Aquino in Kidapawan Massacre. Many media outfits, netizens, and the public, ask the Malacanang for any statement on the Kidapawan Massacre, until the President made an speech and said he don’t know the events (such hypocrisy). He is also responsible of SAF 44 murder in their clash with the BIFF,to chase the Malayan terrorist Marwan  for the price money.


Generally, the cross-dresser, the talker, and the ignorant are people whom you not trusted. They don’t have mercy and compassion amongst their fellowmen and they are so selfish to think about others. They value their power among any others. They want to preserve their positions for accumulation of power and riches.

They are people who don’t value god and teachings, but are people who loves to quote the bible to dress and hide their true intentions.



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