The room

Okay. The first I stepped in this “room”(let’s call it that way), I felt that I belong there. No matter what happen I’ll do my best to be in the room.

Metaphoric as I introduce the room, but really, the room must be the right place for me. I love the feeling in my soul, the rush in my blood, and the that tingling feeling. I know that this place is more than the blogs, testimonials, either book might inferred.  This is somewhat a place that will rejuvenate my spirit from being death (for quite sometime), and the redemption that I long for.

The room will define my existence in this world. It will be a battleground to myself but this is the challenge I have been praying to God. This is the place I asked since my childhood, and I know that I will continue to die if I don’t come to the room and stay there for the proceeding years.

This is the tingling feeling in my knees, the nervousness that I sweat of, and probably the love I need in this coarse and muddy road I’m taking. The room is the promise I shall do to redeem the respect I lose when I did those things that pushed me away from my dreams.

The room is the only thing I need, and I shall have in this coming years,and in this coming months.


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