My troubles on fighting for social issues

In every struggle there’s a contradiction. In every  stand we make, there’s politics. Everything we had in our life, we owe to the masses.

I grew up in a simple family  in Pangasinan. My mom is math teacher in a national high school in our town, while my dad is a tricycle driver in town. I’m very lucky to have them  and very proud to be their daughter. We don’t have much and my parent kept telling me that my education will be inheritance, the vision of better future through education will be my key to economical progression.

They worked every day to support us  In our education with a dream that someday this education will make our life better. A dream that someday will raise our economical status to much higher class of the society. This seems the dream of many petty bourgeoisie families who belongs to the lower bracket of the society. They aim to step the top to the ladder and become one of those ruling classes. But why is so?

In my childhood, I was immune by my grandmother that I must be a nurse to save my family from poverty. I must go abroad and serve foreigners to earn dollars to have a big house, to have a car, and to  provide my family better life. They also aim that this will be an opportunity for them to be a citizen abroad and have a better life. I was clouded with this idea, which made me shift my dream of being a fashion designer to become a nurse. I was clouded with the idea that to have a better life is that I must go abroad and earn dollars, and these are the current mindset o of many petty bourgeoisie families and instill their children.

Growing up, whenever my grandmother asked me of my dream or what degree will I take in college ( in from of her friends and amigas) , I was forced to say nursing even though my heart was not to it. I was forced by the pressure I get from an elder of the family who also supports my studies. I was forced by the pressure by the mindset of my class to work for foreign entities for individual growth. I realize these in college, when I disobeyed  by family in taking nursing nor accountancy as a degree in college, but instead enroll myself in UP and took Broadcast Communication. Somehow, enrolling in UP made my family proud, which incorporated a new dream of being a news anchor and earn a lot of money that will save us from poverty. It may be in a different degree but still the mindset of raising our class is still there.

My family is considered to be part of the lower middle class of the society. Being a middle class, my family can’t help to aim higher and grow more and more (financially and socially). Our social strata demands us to grow more economically, since we have the capacity to provide education (which is priority) though my dad is a tricycle driver and my mom is a simple high school teacher. We are expose in an environment that demands us to be competitive in economical stature, which will manifest in our manner of dress, gadgets, and how socially active we are invited to higher class parties and events. And, all I get with this idea is showing off.

I was also in this framework in my college life. I was active to parties and social activities, at least to feel better on my struggling social situation. But what does this brought to me? Only that it intensifies my aspiration be part of that ruling class. Well, in fact, I must be with masses and fight for our right and freedom.


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