Insights on Death Penalty

I grew up in a religious conservative Mormon family, and based from what I learned in our Family Home Evenings( since I’m kid) and to Sunday schools, killing is wrong and a great sin. Killing doesn’t only mean taking someone’s life but takieng the future ahead of them, taking the chance to repent for their sins, and taking the chance to redeem the blessings Heaven Father’s about to give them.

In the current justice system, few officials and even citizens believes that death penalty should be imposed as punishment for grave sins ( namely murder and rape). There’s a belief that having death penalty as punishment can to bring forth justice to the victims.desire

In my opinion, death penalty doesn’t deliver justice to the victims but a legalize away to seek revenge, as for the saying goes ” an eye for an eye, an tooth for a tooth. Its not justice when punishment for one’s sin is also the same sin. If Killing someone served as punishment to someone who’s family or friend is killed, then its not justice, its revenge. Its a legalize way to serve revenge.

Death penalty is not the only way achieve justice. In several articles abroad, countries which has death penalty suffers to more crimes than those countries who doesn’t have. Many people believes that when death penalty is incorporated as punishsment, people will fear to commit crimes. Well in fact, studies states that it doesn’t imposes such fear but more crimes are committed. These might not be as severe as those grave sins, but it doesn’t ensure a crimeless society ( every people dreamt of).

The only way to attain justice is not through death penalty, but changing an convicted individual to a better person. In my observation, jails should be a rehabilitation centers for these criminals to repent for their sins and change their point of views. Jails in the present doesn’t have promote change to convicted individual, thus a dungeon of growing illegal minds and optimum punishment,by living through small cells with 30 inmates, whereas the only to sleep is by sitting. They are rich criminal who continues their illegal acts while serving their punishment,and still live a very convenient life.

All I wanted to say is, jails are rehabilitation centers to correct a man than punish them.Jails should provide equal service for the criminals, they are not treat by their statues but by the desire to change to them into someone who serve’s the country.

Also, the government have the job to provide every citizens need to prevent its people to commit crimes. This is only through providing basic social services (such as education, work, health, housing and others). When a man hs education, work and proper healthcare, the less s/he involves himself to decadents acts and crimes. And a person who engage himself/ herself to a crime has nothing but the desire to live and will do anything( even against to morally right) to provide his/her needs.


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