Livin’ on Words

Finally, I found a stable that doesn’t pays a lot but allows me to do on my free time. Finally, I can save myself from all the money I borrowed and pay out my house and also save for a laptop. It was refreshing and it boosted up my confidence. It served as my redemption from all the lies I told my parents and all the headaches I gave them, since I’ve been a burden for almost a year.

I’m so relieve that finally have this writing job that doesn’t requires me to work full-time but must have an early turnover.  I’m so lucky that my boss is also a considerate guy and do understand my situation,though he’s not aware of my activism and my that I’m enrolled and studying.

I’m so happy that work allows me to work with words and literature. Work on producing words and creatively grouping them to form meanings and messages. I love doing this since I have passion on creating message, sending them to everyone, and it also serves as a place to make my opinions, citations, and debates on issue. I love writing and living with it is a dream. I’m just hoping that this job will help me pursue law school on August.


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