I was reading some articles in the recent issue of hooliganism of UP students at a forum in the UP School of Economics, where in Sec. Florencio “Butch” Abad, the Department of Budget and Management Secretary, was the guest speaker. The talked was about the Disbursement Acceleration Program or DAP. The budget secretary actually discussed the advantages and justified the need of this program. On the other side, it was viewed as a mechanism for further corruption of public officials.

The event should served as a debate on the appropriation of DAP. After Abad’s talked, there were few minutes ( exactly 5 minutes) allotted for question and answer portion.It doesn’t seem a very well planned event to castigate the budget secretary on the controversial issue. The questions were also written in a piece of paper that were filtered by the organizers, limiting the perspectives that can be drawn in the event.

The students were not satisfied with the very little amount of time given to the Q and A portion. Given that this is one of the vital issue in our political spectrum.And, knowing that the budget secretary along with the president engineered this program for validation of corruption in government.

When the event ended, a barricade of students, faculties, and workers were outside the venue, hoping that Abad would extend his time and answer their questions. But he promptly walk out of the venue, guarded by the UPSE staffs and bodyguards. Meanwhile the students, and everyone who joined couldn’t contain their emotions that they chant and throw papers at Abad.

This event spur out ‘hooliganism’ to the UP students. This accusation was made by the budget secretary in an statement at the gazette. Making this one of the most talk topics in the internet. The UPSE professor also made an statement that demands the Students to apologize, while other group of UP educators such as CONTEND UP agreed to the act made by the students.

Now on hooliganism, I search the meaning of this term to know if it is appropriate to judge this students as hooligans or not. It meant vandalism, riot, and bullying. In this context, I didn’t see how Abad was bullied in this event. The student were just chanting their calls on DAP abolition and ousting the President. Is it wrong? NO, it is stated in the constitution our freedom of expression. There may some who threw paper on him, but was he hurt?NO. In fact he was guarded by private bodyguards and UPSE staffs, which in contrary were the first one to get hurt before him. Plus that if he his really determined to answer their questions or really engage on a debate, he must face the students than leave.

In my opinion, Abad is the real hooligan in this situation or of the sentire Philippine society. He engineered a program that doesn’t benefit the people but only few public officials. He’s the head of budget cuts in education health , and other social services, which is widely suffered by many Filipinos. Would you imagined that because of him many public hospitals are stuck in old buildings and equipments. If only the DAP was appropriated in this hospitals, everyone might have enjoy a quality health care. Meanwhile in education, if he’s office would appropriate money for tertiary education, many daughters and sons of peasants and laborers would be at school, and national industralization might be possible.

But in their system, its a NO.

We could only dream.

This government also perceive positive economic growth. But to whom growth are they referring?Is it for the rich or the poor?

The main idea is Butch Abad and other cronies of the president are the hooligans. They bully the poor on their reports. They bully the poor for not providing the basic social services they deserve. And, they bully the poor for keeping their positions.


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