I Wanna Graduate and Proceed to Law School

I’m currently doing an analysis on my thesis, when I thought of the possibilities after obtaining a degree. Sure!Many would assume I would definitely want to work and practice my degree, but I’m not yet resolve to pursue a work in the media industry and I’m not yet ready to be part of the labor force. There are a lot of factors why I think of these stuff, and apart of that is the promise I made at my late grandfather’s grave. I promised to continue what he started from FEU Law School. It may not be in the same school but I really want to be the first lawyer in the family.

My grandfather is a brilliant, amazing, and intelligent old man. I remember few stories of him told by my grandmother,especially, on how come he’s a law graduate but never was a lawyer. It’s not his dream, the fact was he wanted to be an architect ( and I can assure you that he’s a freaking math genius, I’not!). He’s brother who’s studying med in UST that time,forced him to take English in the same university as his pre-law.The clan also aim for him to be the first lawyer in the family. He graduated in UST but took he’s law in FEU(because he had enough of prayer each subject), where he was guided by Jovito Salongas. He did well in his classes, until an accident happened that changes everything.

That’s how my grandmother told the stories to me and my cousins. Regardless, if he wants law or not. I really wanted to pursue this dream. I think law is for me. And, if I go to law school next year, I’ll be the first ‘apo’ to go. It may not be as prestigious as he’s schools back then, I’m determined to be lawyer.

P.S. I already made a list of law schools I want. my top five includes: UP Law, Ateneo Law, San Beda Law, UST Law, and University of Cordillera’s Law.

P.P.S. Must do my thesis!Deadline on Monday.

P.P.P.S. A dream is a dream because I can’t 50k a sem for law school and I’m an independent student.Far from parents support. Must Strive hard.


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