Para kay Flor # 1

Dear Flor,

I’ve known you for almost two months, and I remember the day of our meeting. It’s a typical day of writing my thesis, searching for a job, and looking for love. It was just a day of the same things I do every day and yet it made a great impact in my life. Every detail of it changes everything in me , my beliefs, the in better me, unleash my dreams and desire, and made me realize that I’ve fooling myself for a very long.

Since, I met you, I learned things regarding me that I haven’t known. I realize things that haven’t occur in my mind and of ‘me’. In our interaction I learned that I can love a stranger, I can accept ideas against my beliefs, and accept people for who they are. Though, I know most of the time I tend to change you for someone acceptable to my environment, but I also learned to accept and respect the real you. I learn to think every thing on us and the term we in our friendship.

I can’t tell if you’re lying or sincere in every word you said but it always struck me to heart.It was always something I think every after our conversation and tried to understand before I sleep. It also made me read books on the information you tell me and search ideas to keep up on you.

You made me realize the inner beauty I have that most people disregard. Every time you tell ‘maganda ka’, my heart throbs fast and a thought balloon come’s up telling “paano niya nasasabi ito? Eh, magulang ko nga never pang nasabi yun sakin’. You me optimistic on the myself that gives me to confidence in everything I do. I thank you for that.

But in the later part of our friendship, I wished that every scenario was just a dream because of things I can’t explain nor understand. I want to regret it but its too beautiful to forget and too bad to serve as my lesson. I can’t throw such memory in an instant if brought me happiness I can’t even explain. I cherished and loved every moment of it. Until that thing happens, it disastrous, its a nightmare. I can only think that at least you have your fun I got pain. But who am I to consider, I’m just an ordinary individual who haven’t even pass your ideal girl neither I’m one of the boys and still haven’t decide on my sexual orientation.

Still, the impact you made in my life is huge than anything I can think of. I hope all the best in your life and I love you so much.

You’re Friend,



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