Poser Photographer!

I mean it, I took a photography class to appreciate something I don’t ever appreciate and it’s funny that I’m already going to finish the class with appreciating photography and photographs. I probably the worst student that my teacher ever had but I can’t really relate myself to those creative shots’s without thinking the politics behind on every photos I see.

A backgrounder, I’m just happy go lucky girl then but since I had these theory class on society and broadcast media I became enthusiastic to politics and politicking everything I see in my life. It’s weird, I know and many of my friend also told me the sudden change. I don’t mind it!

Going back to my topic of being a poser photographer, it’s true, I learned something but not to appreciate the art itself. I just realize that the technical side of photography we’re things that were instill in my brain but the essence is not. Which I think is bad, when supposedly I should learn the beauty of this craft.

I’m poser cause I just take pictures that I can say is political and I take pictures not because of the craft but to let other people see what I see in the society. It’s obvious that this are Hunger, injustice and a lot more.

But should I categorize Photography a form justice or an eye opener?


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