My Pledge and Love

Just recently I found this very beautiful song of Chikoy Pura of the band The jerks and Cookie Chua. I really appreciate the message of the song and it’s love to the country. Somehow it made me realize that the burden we feel in experience in the society does not caused by the laziness of people or either the over population that most people blame of what they feel. But the growing greediness of the cxapitalist world.

Love to our country is like loving our own love ones which we care and protect but instead of doing this to our beloved country. We still have the angst to blame our own countrymen to all our burden.

Haven’t we forgot our pledge to sacrifice our life to our country and countrymen but I think because of the new culture that sprout in the society of being individualistic and caring ourselves without the others. If we may notice many of the burden we’re experiencing the blame are always from the our poor countrymen
though this is not their fault but they’re the one’s who feels the weight of the problems of the society. If we would compare ourselves from them we live in a comfortable place unlike them living in a shanty and if their lucky to eat three time a day . With this should we really blame them.

We have our own pledge and i pledge to love my countrymen more than anything else. I do love have a relationship right now but we’ve already vowed ourselves to love our country first and our love for each other is just secondary. I’m not saying this to be compared with others but I want us to be an example to other lovers out there that in between our love, We also think our country.


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